Accelerate the future

We invest in bold category redefining companies and the brave dreams of the passionate entrepreneurs that forge positive new paths into the future.
We look for products or services enabled by new radical breakthrough technologies; or the things that will become the next technological megatrends.
We seek incredibly intelligent, passionate, tenacious, and "unreasonable" founders with amazing groundbreaking products that can reach mass scale globally.
We also believe there are no rules, so if you are an outlier that can make a massive positive impact, please do get in touch.

Radical Breakthrough Technology

New breakthroughs, inventions or discoveries in science or technology that will enable entirely new classes of valuable products or services.

Emerging Technological Megatrends

New products or services that are now possible due to a variety of enabling technological factors that you believe will scale into new global mass markets.

Exponential Networked Growth

Exponential growth of users or revenue due to organic viral spread of your product across a network, usually simultaneously creating strong network effects.


Just a few highlights from our current portfolio of investments.

Rigetti Computing

Quantum Computing

Caribou Biosciences

Genetic Engineering




Big Data Intelligence


Regenerative Bioengineering


Decentralized Finance

Our Track Record

And this is just the beginning.

  • March 2014

    Vergence Labs Aquired

    Our founder's smart-glasses startup, of which he was Founder, CEO and it's biggest investor, becomes Snapchat's earliest aquisition, affording him a major exit, as well as some immediate liquidity. He decides to begin investing in new startups that seem just as audacious as his was when he was getting started.

  • Hyperspeed launches in Summer 2014

    First Investment: Quantum Computing

    The very first investment made by our founder on behalf of Hyperspeed, was in Rigetti Quantum Computing's seed round to support thier mission building the world's most powerful computer. Since then, Rigetti's world-class team has raised over $64 Million USD in follow-on financing and are well on thier way to accomplishing this groundbreaking goal.

  • Biotech Investments

    CRISPR/CAS9 & Bioengineering

    The next series of investments focused on biotechnology, specifically regenerative bioengineering (EpiBone) and genetic engineering (Caribou). Caribou Biosciences' founder discovered the revolutionary CRISPR/CAS9 mechanism allowing the engineering of any genome in any way. The profound implications of this technology was so massive we simply had to invest.

  • We've grown our fund!

    ...and are on the look out for the next great revolutionary companies!

    We're now better capitalized than ever, and have since made many more investments in the on-demand economy, in big-data intelligence, in robotics and eSports to name a few. We are continuously looking for great companies that defy convention, making the impossible become possible.

  • Let's forge
    the future

Our Founder

Investor. Entreprenuer. Rebel. Troublemaker.

As an entreprenuer Erick has helped create three startups; two have had successful exits. Erick's last startup, where he was the founder, CEO and the largest investor, he had the vision to build smart glasses and an advanced VR/AR visor in 2010 prior to almost any other player. Erick works hard every day to position himself at the precipice of new waves of technological change and the companies emerging from them. He loves investing in the bold dreams of smart, daring entreprenuers fixated on executing huge ideas that will make massive impacts in the world. Find more about Erick at

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"Most people never ask. And that's what separates the people that do things from the people that just dream about them. You gotta ask." ~Steve Jobs